The History of Vision, Colour and Light Theories - Introductions, Texts, Problems

Gábor Á. Zemplén
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Universität Bern
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This is not a standard history nor was it intended to be. On the one hand, several themes are chosen, and examined in detail. These include the nature of colour as expressed in a variety of phenomena, like colour mixing, the rainbow, and the prismatic spectrum. Spatial perception, as evidenced in the moon illusion and in vision following the restoration of sight, is also addressed. - The particular strength of the book is the coverage of pre- and post-Newtonian theories of colour. - Throughout this historical odyssey questions are posed for the reader to answer, hints are given regarding the likely resolution of them, and the texts provide the context in which they can be understood. The subtitle of the book, and Gábor Zemplén's stated intent, is that this should provide an introduction to "those who are interested in theories of light, colour, and vision". Its appeal will engage a much wider audience than the students to whom it is specifically directed. The texts selected provide ready access to materials that are often widely scattered, and pursuing the references in the bibliography will provide rich rewards.