2016-17-II Tárgyalás- és előadástechnika NP en

Részletes leírás: 

How to get from lose-lose to win-win through negotiating? How to prepare ourselves for important presentations?

You have heard about win-win strategies, but don’t exactly know what they are, and have no idea how to establish a win-win situation? What are the steps leading to win-win?

When to start, when to stop negotiations? And why?

Methods for evaluating negotiation positions.

What is the difference between argumentation and negotiation?

What are the major and most common pitfalls you face in a presentation situation? You may think it is not your fault, but you have to take all the blame.

How to create an enjoyable presentation from a lengthy written document?

We present several, often firsthand case studies in order to show how negotiations proceed. During the course you will participate in some simulated negotiation situation in order to check your understanding of the concepts and mastering the acquired knowledge and techniques.

You will also have the possibility to practice your own presentations developed elsewhere within or outside the University.


There will be two mid-term tests during the semester, on the 7th and on the 13th week.

One of the tests can be rewritten or written if you did not do it during the semester, in the examination period.

The mid-terms will consist of multiple choice and essay questions

The results of the teste will be posted on the course website.

Final grades will be calculated through adding the scores of the mid-terms, as follows:

below 50 %: F

50 % - 62,5 %: D

62,5% -75 %: C

75 % - 87,5 %: B

87,5 % felett: A


Ppt's posted on this website