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BUTE Department of Philosophy and History of Science

Gábor Zemplén, associate professor

Gábor Áron Zemplén is an Associate Professor at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary (BME). After his Masters (in Biology, Chemistry, and English) and his PhD in History and Philosophy of Science (BME) he received postdoctoral fellowships from the Max Planck Institute for History of Science in Berlin, and the Collegium Budapest. Outside his country he held teaching positions in England, Bavaria (where he was also a researcher at the Deutsches Museum, Munich), and Switzerland, writing a textbook on theories of light, color, and vision (University of Bern). His research on Nature of Science focuses on the didactic transposition of insights from argumentation theory and science studies. His HPS interests include metahistorical and historiographic problems, the history of philosophy of science, social epistemologies, and studies of expertise. His articles on scientific controversies touch on methodological problems, from Newton’s early optical correspondence to current debates over non-standard medicine and creationism. As an intellectual historian, he traced the influence of Goethe’s methodology in Otto Neurath’s philosophy of science and wrote contextualist case-studies on the history of modificationist color-theories (16th to 19th centuries).

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