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Department Faculty members Publications Research Projects


BUTE Department of Philosophy and History of Science

Ákos Gyarmathy, assistant lecturer

Ákos Gyarmathy has graduated from the University of Pécs, also spent one term at the University of Edinburgh and the Univerisity of Stirling, and one year at CEU.

His major field of research is responsible agency in the context of (the cognitive) scientific models of agency and moral psychology. Recently his attention turned to the problem of inductive inferences in epistemology, natural sciences, and logic. He is also involved in joint research on the arrow of time in (the philosophy of) physics. He is part of a research project working on issues related to Values in Science where he is working on the problem (and the history of solving) of formal representations of rational agency.

He teaches Epistemology, Theory of Science, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy, Philosophy and Art, Logic and Argumentation Techniques, Decision Making and Problem Solving, Research Methodology, Ethics for Engineers.

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