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Department Faculty members Publications Research Projects


BUTE Department of Philosophy and History of Science

“Integrative argumentation studies” (OTKA, since 2013)

The difficulty of integrating argumentation studies raises the question what normative demands they can make in the analysis of social and scientific discourses. Having been developed for decades, the theories have inherent constraints that complicate further development and disciplinary integration. Modern argumentation science is essentially multidisciplinary. In recent years, many empirical studies have produced significant results that affect the research area. This necessitates the elaboration of a consensus that can integrate the results of the various fields of expertise. The aim of the current research is to explore the problems of integrating, and, where possible, to remove the barriers, thereby expanding the scope of application of the theory.

Decision, Rational and Joint Action (conference at BUTE, 15–16 April 2016)

Keynote Speakers:

“New professional excellence programs and research in BUTE workshops” (TÁMOP, 2011)

Personal, social, and moral implications of science – according to the philosophy of Michael Polanyi (2006–2008)




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